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Identity Theft Scheme Leader Gets 10-Year Prison Sentence
The state Attorney General's office says Hunter and two other people conspired to use stolen and phony identities to dupe lenders into giving them loans and lines of credit. The trio provided numerous falsified documents featuring signatures from people who either didn't exist or were unaware of the transactions. Authorities say conspirators in the scheme stole more than $930,000 in mortgage loans, home equity credit lines and a car loan.
PACER Vulnerability Allowed Hackers to Access Legal Docs While Sticking Others With the Bill
For the potential victims – the paying users – it would be difficult to prove that they have not, in fact, been the ones who actually purchased access to the documents, as the request effectively comes from the user’s computer. Perhaps now, with the existence of the flaw being made public, some will come forward with information that will point to current or past exploitation.
DOJ Sentences Russian for Role in ‘Global Botnet Conspiracy’
A Russian citizen has been sentenced to nearly two years in federal prison for his role in a global conspiracy that involved installing malware on thousands of computers to generate millions in fraudulent payments.
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The Two Online Security Steps You Should Stop Putting Off
No password will ever be impenetrable, and no online account can ever be fully secure. But password managers and two-factor authentication can get us as close as possible to that goal. And there’s no reason not to use both for every account you have online.
Hackers Release More HBO Episode Shows: Report
Hackers have released more unaired episodes of popular HBO shows but the latest leak did not include anything on the hit series "Game of Thrones," the Associated Press reported on Sunday.
Katie Got Bandz Arrested for Identity Theft
According to documents available via the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, the 24-year-old Chicago rapper born Kiara Johnson was booked on Monday for alleged identity theft. The exact reason for her arrest is currently unclear.
Four RMV Clerks Arrested in Alleged Identity Theft Scheme
Six people were arrested and charged in federal court with allegedly providing stolen identification cards, drivers’s licenses, and other documents to undocumented immigrants through a Registry of Motor Vehicles office in Boston, according to the US attorney’s office.
Your Cell Phone Could Protect You From Identity Theft at the Pump
Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, Sid Miller, released a video of tips to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft at the pump. While many were widely known tips and tricks, Miller shared a little-known fact about the usefulness of your cell phone to combat identity theft.