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How Can We Improve Awareness Training?
As more companies face the realities of cybercrime, malware and data breaches, many of them are turning to security awareness training programs to keep their employees from becoming the next victim of an attack. But a lot of these programs are ineffective, giving employees a “read this email, watch this video” program, and the CSO a “box to check off”.
ATM in Thailand Hacked; 12 Million Baht Stolen; 10,000 ATMs Prone to Hackers
An Eastern European gang of criminals has stolen over 12 Million Baht (approximately US$350,000) from a total of 21 ATMs in Bangkok and other five provinces by hacking a Thai bank's ATM network; police said Wednesday. The Central Bank of Thailand (BoT) has issued a warning to all commercial banks about security flaws in roughly 10,000 ATMs that were exploited to steal cash from the machines.
Are Cybersecurity Fears Warranted?
If cybersecurity is not fortified, experts say, aggression and hostility could steadily overtake the web. The “internet of things” may morph, as one recent study forecasts, into the “weaponization of everything.” Imagine elevators going haywire, or pacemakers under the control of extortionists.
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Ransomware Extortion: A Question of Time
Thursday, August 25, 2016
Ransomware attackers increasingly target organizations that might be able to recover from crypto-locking malware infections, but which might not be able to do so in a timely manner, says attorney Mark Rasch, security evangelist at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, in this video interview.
Ransomware: The Evolution of Cybercrime, a Roundtable
Thursday, August 25, 2016
The threat from ransomware continues to grow and the situation will only get darker before mitigation efforts prove reliable and the miscreants move on to another attack vector.
Hackers Publish Nude Pictures on Leslie Jones’s Website
Thursday, August 25, 2016
Leslie Jones, a co-star of this year’s “Ghostbusters” movie who has been besieged in the past month by online abusers who have targeted her appearance and her race, was victimized again on Wednesday when her personal website appeared to have been hacked.
Hackers Nab 25M Accounts in Another Breach
Thursday, August 25, 2016
Two hackers were able to steal email addresses and easily crackable passwords from three separate forums in this latest hack.
Advocates Want FCC to Address Car Hacking Threat
Thursday, August 25, 2016
Hackers could exploit vehicles’ use of airwaves to steal personal information or even take control of driving functions. Those worries have prompted advocacy groups and some Senate Democrats to call on the Federal Communications Commission to issue rules requiring automakers to bolster cybersecurity and privacy protections for consumers.