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Identity Thieves Drained His Bank Accounts in Hours
We’re all generally aware, in the abstract sense of lightning strikes or rabid bats, that identity thieves can hit us. It might happen, one day. But we’re sure the odds of it happening, like slipping in the bath tub, are on our side. Phil McGrane now knows that’s false security. And it’s got him rattled. In a couple of hours last Thursday, thieves in Illinois stole his online identity and drained Phil and Angella McGrane’s multiple bank accounts with a few thousand each.
Consumer Alert for Military Families on the Equifax Data Breach
According to public data on consumer complaints, military consumers report identity theft at roughly double the rate of the general public. Stealing sensitive information about members of the military, particularly those deployed from their normal duty station, doesn’t just raise national security concerns. It can also create financial nightmares for servicemembers and their families.
Protect Yourself From Equifax Security Breach
Americans learned this month that their personal, financial and credit information was placed in jeopardy when criminals broke into databases storing that vital information at Equifax. The stolen records include names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, driver's license numbers, credit card numbers and more. Given the severity of this data breach, there are important steps you should take to protect yourself against fraud.
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$7 Million Judgment Against Travel Club Scam
The Wunder family promised members of their travel club deep discounts at exotic hotels and timeshares around the world. In reality, the Wunders did nothing more than search online travel websites to book their clients’ travels. Consumers ultimately paid the Wunders thousands of dollars for a service they could have gotten online for free.
Equifax Told Consumers Worried About Its Data Breach to Go to a Spoof Site
For more than a week, company representatives have been directing consumers to a fake phishing site instead of to one maintained by the credit-reporting agency, according to a new report by The Verge.
U.S. Homeland Security Found SEC Had 'Critical' Cyber Weaknesses in January
The report’s findings raise fresh questions about a 2016 cyber breach into the U.S. market regulator’s corporate filing system known as “EDGAR.” SEC Chairman Jay Clayton disclosed late Wednesday that the agency learned in August 2017 that hackers may have exploited the 2016 incident for illegal insider-trading.
A Credit Freeze Won't Help With All Equifax Breach Threats
With the information that hackers got, including access to Social Security numbers, birth dates, and an unspecified number of driver’s license numbers, you need to take other steps to help lock down your finances.
7 Takeaways From the Equifax Data Breach
The exposure of PII belonging to 143 million US consumers raises questions about the continued use of SSNs as identifiers, breach liability and app sec spending.