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Stolen Passwords Fuel Cardless ATM Fraud
Some financial institutions are now offering so-called “cardless ATM” transactions that allow customers to withdraw cash using nothing more than their mobile phones. But as the following story illustrates, this new technology also creates an avenue for thieves to quickly and quietly convert stolen customer bank account usernames and passwords into cold hard cash. Worse still, fraudulent cardless ATM withdrawals may prove more difficult for customers to dispute because they place the victim at the scene of the crime.
Before You Pay That Ransomware Demand…
A decade ago, if a desktop computer got infected with malware the chief symptom probably was an intrusive browser toolbar of some kind. Five years ago you were more likely to get whacked by a banking trojan that stole all your passwords and credit card numbers. These days if your mobile or desktop computer is infected what gets installed is likely to be “ransomware” — malicious software that locks your most prized documents, songs and pictures with strong encryption and then requires you to pay for a key to unlock the files. Here’s some basic advice about where to go, what to do — and what not to do — when you or someone you know gets hit with ransomware.
Transition to Trump Administration: The Cyber Risks
As the Trump administration begins, expect a ramp-up in cyber espionage as well as more "test attacks" by nation-states, says cybersecurity specialist Brad Medairy of the consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton. "We're really in a transitional state right now," Medairy says in an interview with Information Security Media Group. "We're shifting from the Obama administration to the new Trump administration ... The new administration's policies around cyber are still being defined." This lack of definitive cybersecurity policies makes the U.S. particularly vulnerable, he contends.
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Woman Scammed out of $270,000 From Relationship
Friday, January 06, 2017
Believing in long-distance love, Betty Davies fell victim to a romance scam on Davies wired a “love interest” scammer her life savings, a whopping $270,000, which left her with nothing.
Why Ransomware Is Only Going to Get Worse
Friday, January 06, 2017
Ransomware is perhaps the most ingenious cybercrime in the history of the Internet in terms of its simplicity and effectiveness. It has caused absolute terror in nearly every industry, affecting almost 50% of organizations in 2016, and is considered one of the top cyberthreats to the enterprise for 2017.
Ransomware Scheme Targets Schools, Colleges and Head Teachers
Friday, January 06, 2017
Cybercriminals are pretending to be government officials as part of a ransomware scheme which is targeting schools and demanding payments of up to £8,000 to unencrypt the locked files. Action Fraud, the UK's fraud and cybercrime centre, and the City of London police, have issued a warning over the activity, which begins with criminals contacting the targeted schools with a phone call.
FTC Sues Maker of Routers, Baby Monitors Over Security
Friday, January 06, 2017
American regulators are stepping up their crackdown on makers of devices - like baby monitors - that can easily be hacked.
Ransomware Has Evolved, and Its Name Is Doxware
Wednesday, January 04, 2017
The latest form of malware holds computers hostage and compromises the privacy of conversations, photos, and sensitive files.