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Senate Passes Small Business Cybersecurity Legislation
The Senate passed legislation Thursday that would require the federal government to offer more tools to small businesses to guard their networks from cyber threats.
Google Warns That Govt Is Demanding More of Your Private Data Than Ever
Google received more government requests for user data in the first half of this year than ever before. It also admits it's significantly underreported the number of non-US accounts targeted by US intelligence. Google's latest Transparency Report covering January to June 2017 shows once again it's the go-to firm when governments need data on people.
Critical Code in Millions of Macs Isn't Getting Apple's Updates
For certain models of Apple laptops and desktop computers, close to a third or half of machines have EFI versions that haven't kept pace with their operating system system updates. And for many models, Apple hasn't released new firmware updates at all, leaving a subset of Apple machines vulnerable to known years-old EFI attacks that could gain deep and persistent control of a victim's machine.
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Why a Credit Freeze Is Better Than a Credit Lock
Consumers worried about identity theft after the Equifax data breach are being encouraged by all three credit bureaus to use a credit lock rather than a credit freeze. But while credit locks and freezes do essentially the same thing--prevent anyone from opening an account in your name--there are some important differences to keep in mind when deciding which to use (you can't do both).
A New Phishing Scam Is Targeting Netflix Users
"We're having some trouble with your current billing information," the emails read. "We'll try again, but in the meantime you may want to update your payment details."
Freezing Credit Isn't Enough to Prevent Identity Theft - This Is What You Need to Do
A credit freeze protects you from having new accounts opened in your name, but there are other types of identity theft you still need to watch out for.
Teacher Accused of Identity Theft, Stealing Thousands From Neighbors
A Knox County teacher has been charged with three counts of identity theft after she was accused of applying for loans and credit cards in other people’s names and then making purchases.
Chicago to Sue Equifax Over Massive Data Breach
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is set to announce the lawsuit at a Thursday news conference. His office says the lawsuit accuses Equifax of violating Chicago's consumer fraud ordinance and state laws.