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Keep Unexpected Holiday Security Surprises to a Minimum
Although it’s nice to share a fire with family and friends, you definitely want to keep things cool at work. As the holidays approach, you can be assured your employees will be online placing and checking final holiday gift orders, checking the weather for upcoming travel, and other associated activities. It is an appropriate time to mix in your holiday announcements with security reminders about phishing attacks (don’t click on that email promising a big discount!) and malicious websites (does this look like a legitimate resale vendor?) to keep your employees aware of the security threats. Being proactive can help keep the unexpected holiday security surprises to a minimum.
The WIRED Guide to Digital Security
In an age of nonstop breaches and hacks, getting a handle on your own digital security matters more than ever. But everyone has their own threat model—a set of concerns unique to themselves. The average smartphone user doesn’t need to know what a Faraday cage is; an NSA contractor probably already has a good grasp of security basics. (Or … do they?) In this guide, we’ve included a few ways to improve your online security posture based on those different levels of risk.
Uber's Not the Only One That Should Be Wary of Disappearing Messaging Apps
Courts are already wrestling with new forms of electronic communications. Today’s office creates so much data, the discovery process no longer involves handing over all your communications, there's simply too much of the stuff. Instead, parties often agree on a set of search terms they'll use to scan their databases, and hand over any files those turn up. Ephemeral messaging apps, like Wickr, Telegram, and Snapchat, add a new level of complication. What happens when the tech biz’s fetish for privacy runs headlong into the legal profession’s fetish for documentation?
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Democratic Senators Question Privacy, Security of Facebook's 'Messenger Kids'
Two Senate Democrats are questioning the privacy and security of Facebook’s new messaging app, which is designed for kids under 13. Sens. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), who are both members of the Senate Commerce Committee, expressed their concerns in a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
Man Busted for ID Theft When Cops Notice He's 6 Inches Shorter Than His ID Says
Shortly before 9 p.m. Dec. 6, Springettsbury Township Police responded to the Verizon Wireless store in the 2800 block of Whiteford Road for a report of fraud. A store employee told police a man was in the store trying to pick up four iPhones but the employee had verified the man was not the owner of the account. The employee told police he believed the man was using a fake ID since the name on the ID was the same as the account owner, who had not authorized the purchase of the phones.
Mayor Stole Dead Woman’s Identity to Use a Handicapped Parking Spot
Deputies surveilled the parking lot multiple times during their investigation. The last operation was on Monday, when an identity-theft strike force staked out city hall and allegedly witnessed Bradley park in the same spot, with the same placard, then walk inside to sit through a council meeting. Afterward she got back in the car, took the placard off the mirror and drove away, deputies wrote. She was arrested the next day and charged with identity theft, counterfeiting a decal and illegally parking in a handicapped spot.
Romanian Crew Pleads Guilty to RICO and Identity Theft Charges
The crew is accused of setting up skimmers to obtain credit card numbers and account holder information then using that information to withdraw money from the holders' accounts.
Police Hope to Catch Skydiving Identity Thieves With Dive Video
Authorities on Long Island are looking to catch a couple they say were living the high life with a stolen credit card number. Suffolk County police released dive video of the man and woman Friday. The video shows them plunging from an airplane over Shirley with instructors. The duo allegedly used a stolen credit card number to pay for two dives and a photo-video package at Skydive Long Island in Shirley back in June.