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For more than 15 years, identity theft expert Rob Douglas has informed and entertained audiences with his multi-media presentations, training and videos about identity theft.  Rob shares his experiences and insights gained as a private detective, expert witness and information security consultant during numerous federal, state and private investigations of identity thieves and illicit information brokers.

When Rob steps to the podium, your audience won’t be bored with the usual death by PowerPoint presentation all too common at most conferences and workshops.  Each of Rob’s presentations is individually tailored to the unique needs of the audience.  Rob has a library of hundreds of cases, stories and audio-visual aids so no matter what type of audience he appears before, he can share relevant and up-to-date information that will apply to the challenges that specific audience faces when combating the pervasive crime of identity theft.  Rob routinely receives the highest marks on speaker evaluation forms at multi-speaker conferences.

Rob’s signature keynote presentation is Identity Theft:  From Stolen Records to Stolen Lives.

This is a multi-media presentation examining security threats to private information and customer accounts maintained by individuals and businesses.  The presentation looks at the use of various forms of fraud by identity thieves and illicit information brokers to steal confidential corporate proprietary records and customer account information through a myriad of methods.  Included are real cases involving theft of personal information and confidential records, customer account hijackings and, ultimately, the murder of a young woman whose personal information was obtained by fraud and sold to a stalker.  Attendees hear a surreptitiously recorded tape of an underground information broker discussing how he defeats corporate authentication systems in order to steal confidential customer records.  Most importantly, participants learn what all consumers and businesses need to be aware of in the information age and what can be done to protect their families, their companies, and their customers.

This program is just one of many identity theft expert presentations that can be designed to fit your organization’s specific requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about identity theft expert presentations, training or videos for your organization, please contact Rob Douglas at or 970-871-0600.

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Rob Douglas and have provided assistance, presentations, training or instructional videos for the following businesses, organizations and governments:

Afilias Global Registry Services
Alaska State Legislature
Alaska Telephone Association
American Assn. of Family & Consumer Sciences
American Bankers Association
American Council of State Savings Supervisors
Bank Compliance Association of Connecticut
Chevy Chase Bank
Chicago International Policing Conference
Chicago Police Department
Communications Fraud Control Association
Compass Bank
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Financial Institutions Security Task Force
Florida Attorney General’s Office
Florida State Legislature
JPMorgan Chase - ID Theft Steering Committee
MDU Resources Group, Inc.
National Marine Lenders Association (formerly NMBA)

National Marine Manufacturers Association
Nationwide Speakers Bureau
Oregon Financial Institution Security Task Force
Quad-State Security Officers Conference
Risk Management Association - Maryland
Risk Management Association - Pennsylvania
Rotary International
Safe Internet Alliance
San Antonio Area Bankers Compliance Assn.
San Francisco Bay Area Tech Writers Group
South Dakota Housing Development Authority
Telecommunications Risk Management Assn
UC Berkeley Law - Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic
U.S. Attorney - Western District of Tennessee
U.S. Federal Trade Commission
U.S. General Accounting Office
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Utah Attorney General's Office
Washington Attorney General's Office
Washington Bankers Association
Wells Fargo


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