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Filing an Identity Theft Police Report

As soon as possible after learning you are a victim of identity theft, you should contact an appropriate law enforcement agency and file an official identity theft report with that agency. 

In preparation for contacting law enforcement and requesting an identity theft report, you should review our Identity Theft Affidavit Category and consider preparing the Federal Trade Commission Identity Theft Affidavit discussed on that page  The FTC Identity Theft Affidavit will assist you in gathering all the information needed for your police report and will also assist the law enforcement officer who prepares the identity theft report.

In most cases, the appropriate law enforcement agency to file an identity theft report with will be your local city or county police department, county sheriff’s office or state police. 

In some cases of identity theft, involving theft of mail or fraudulent use of the U.S. Postal Service, it may be appropriate to file an identity theft report with the U.S Postal Inspector’s Office.  Similarly, identity theft involving the use of electronic devices to steal credit card account information or other personal identifying information may necessitate filing a report with the U.S. Secret Service or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Although the majority of states have laws requiring their police departments to prepare an official police report for any victim of identity theft, there are some law enforcement agencies that will attempt to dissuade victims from filing a report.  Be firm and insist that your police department prepare and file a report.  Explain that many credit card companies and creditors require an official police report in order to repair damage to your credit and to close fraudulent accounts.  If your local law enforcement agency still won’t prepare an official identity theft report, contact your state Attorney General’s office and ask for their assistance.

When filing an identity theft report with a law enforcement agency, be sure the report lists all the existing financial accounts that have been compromised and/or fraudulent financial accounts that have been opened in your name.  This will assist you when you contact creditors and should expedite the correction or removal of fraudulent information and accounts.  Be sure that you obtain a copy of the identity theft report or the report number from the law enforcement agency.