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Major banks to roll out ATMs that use smartphones for authentication
SC Magazine
Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase have announced plans to roll out ATMs that take smartphones as well as ATM cards to authenticate transactions in an effort to reduce the likelihood of skimming and other security attacks as well as make ATM use more convenient for users.
Mass spammer gets 27 months in the slammer
naked security
As we noted when Fleitz’s accomplices were given probation, for a scheme like this to make the scammers any significant cash, they need to blast out as much spam as possible, which is why spammers conscript armies of bots to send millions of spam messages. And that’s exactly what the recently sentenced trio did: they sent millions of spam text messages after developing what prosecutors and the FBI described as an elaborate scheme. The spammers used used “bulletproof” servers in China to infect computers with spambots via vulnerable routers, mostly in third-world countries, which would send spam emails converted to text messages.
Are chip cards exposing you to a deeper form of identity theft?
Bob Sullivan -
Chip credit and debit cards, also known as EMV cards, make creation of counterfeit credit cards nearly impossible for identity criminals. Fraud rings used to take stolen account data from big retailers like Target and print the account numbers onto fake credit cards for use by criminals. But that route is growing extinct as EMV use grows. So those criminals undertake other frauds, such as using stolen Social Security numbers to open up brand new credit cards in victims’ names.
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Malvertising hits TMZ gossip site
Saturday, February 06, 2016
TMZ, everybody's favorite gossip site, has been compromised by malicious advertisers which managed to infect some of the site's advertising spots with ads that contained malicious JavaScript code, which redirected users to more dangerous threats.
Here's how absurdly easy it is for attackers to destroy your website in just ten minutes
Saturday, February 06, 2016
You might be amazed at how accessible hacking tools have become. Your site can be p0wn3d and an entire library of hacking tools downloaded and installed in just a few short minutes. Read this article and be prepared.
Don’t be hacker bait: Do this one-hour security drill
Saturday, February 06, 2016
The Wall Street Journal
5 Steps to make your digital self less attractive to hackers, phishers and overly aggressive marketers.
Why Maggie Gyllenhaal never wants her daughter to look herself up online
Saturday, February 06, 2016
The Washington Post
Oscar-nominated actress Maggie Gyllenhaal's latest gig is narrating "Truth and Power," a new documentary series exploring how governments use technology in potentially invasive ways.
Consumer Federation adds companies to Identity Theft working group
Saturday, February 06, 2016
CFA’s Identity Theft Service Best Practices Working Group has embarked on a new project to develop a checklist with questions that businesses, organizations and government agencies should ask when they are considering providing identity theft services to data breach victims.