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Stolen Health Record Databases Sell for $500,000 in the Deep Web
Medical insurance identification, medical profiles, and even complete electronic health record (EHR) databases have attracted the eyes of enterprising black hats, who increasingly see EHR-related documents as some of the hottest commodities peddled in the criminal underground. A new report today shows that complete EHR databases can fetch as much as $500,000 on the Deep Web, and attackers are also making their money off of smaller caches of farmed medical identities, medical insurance ID card information, and personal medical profiles.
We Talked to Windows Tech Support Scammers - You Shouldn't
We wanted to see how these scammers operate and the tactics they used, so we can offer some advice to potential victims. There's a saying in journalism. "Don't feed the trolls." In other words, don't engage with someone you know to be malicious. But we thought this would be a reasonable exception. And so we went back to call the number on the website to see exactly what they wanted.
OCR Settlement Emphasizes Importance of Audit Controls
Memorial Healthcare System submitted a breach report to OCR indicating that it had suffered a breach involving impermissible access to PHI by employees. Memorial supplemented that report three months later, indicating that it had discovered additional impermissible access that resulted in a total of 115,000 affected patients. The PHI involved consisted of patients’ names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers. OCR investigated Memorial and found that the entity had committed several HIPAA violations by (1) impermissibly disclosing PHI in violation of the Privacy Rule, (2) failing to implement procedures to regularly review records of information system activity such as audit logs and (3) failing to implement policies and procedures to review and modify users’ access to PHI.
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More Than 4 Billion Data Records Were Stolen Globally in 2016
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Cybercriminals are stealing data at an alarming rate. Both the number of breaches and the number of files stolen globally in these hacks rose dramatically to set a new record in 2016, according to a new report from Risk Based Security. The 4,149 confirmed breaches exposed more than 4.2 billion records. That's approximately 3.2 billion more records than were exposed in 2013, the previous all-time high.
ID Thieves Sentenced to Prison for Scheme Targeting Unemployment Benefits and Credit Unions
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
The thieves were arrested in August 2016, following an investigation that revealed they had used stolen identities to claim more than $50,000 in unemployment benefits and had defrauded multiple credit unions of more than $300,000.
Here’s Where Scammers Are Grabbing Your Tax Data
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
To some extent, taxpayers make it easy for hackers to snatch up their private information. More than half of the participants in CyberScout's survey were unsure whether their tax preparer used two-factor authentication to access relevant documents. Thirteen percent said the service they use to file doesn't require this extra security measure at all.
Today’s Ransomware Could Become Tomorrow’s Security Nightmare
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
The unfortunate reality is that any weak link breached by ransom-seeking hackers can also be exploited by bad actors with more malicious goals. Today’s ransomware scam could become tomorrow’s full-blown security nightmare.
Woman Files Federal Lawsuit Over Wrong-Number Robo-Calls
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Trudy Newell wasn’t messing around when she gave fair warning to stop calling. So when the Arvada woman called the law office of Maury Cobb, of Birmingham, Ala., and told his representatives she would sue if the barrage of robo-calls intended for someone else didn’t stop, she meant it. She kept that promise, hired a New Jersey lawyer and filed a lawsuit Monday in U.S. District Court in Denver.