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Why You Should Never Email a Social Security Number
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“Social security numbers are more susceptible and more valuable than ever,” says Rob Douglas, a security consultant who specializes in identity theft and scams. Douglas first testified before Congress about protecting personally identifying information in 1998. Since then, just about the only thing that has changed is how easy it has become for fraudsters to snatch our sensitive digits.
NYPD Says City Gangs Are Turning to Cybercrime
“We’re seeing many of our gangs here in New York...turning away from dealing with drugs and other types of crime, and focusing on getting very adept at cyber-related crime — the false identification cards, credit cards...” Bratton noted he’s created a 250 person unit to deal with cyber crime including identity theft, ATM skimming, and credit card fraud.
Security Training Programs Don't Do Enough to Mitigate Insider Risk
The threats posed by negligent insiders top many security professionals' lists of security concerns, but even organizations that have data protection and privacy training programs aren't getting through to their employees.
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Ransomware Attackers Double-Bill Hospital
Friday, May 27, 2016
Kansas Heart Hospital, based in Wichita, fell victim to a ransomware attack on May 18 and chose to pay the ransom attackers were demanding. But then the hospital was told that to regain full access to files, it would have to fork over an even bigger ransom.
Noodles & Company Indirectly Warns Customers of Credit Card Breach
Friday, May 27, 2016
If you’ve eaten at Noodles & Company this year, check your credit card statement for charges you didn’t make.
Malware Incident in Michigan Creates Potential PHI Data Breach
Friday, May 27, 2016
A recent potential PHI data breach occurred after malware infected a server, while another possible healthcare data breach was caused by a hacking incident.
IRS Working to Restore 'Get Transcript' App
Friday, May 27, 2016
The Internal Revenue Service is planning to begin testing as early as next week a more secure version of the online “Get Transcript” app that was taken down last year when the IRS discovered it had been used by hackers to access hundreds of thousands of tax returns.
After LinkedIn Passwords Leak, Hackers Hijack Big Name Accounts
Friday, May 27, 2016
A seemingly benign group of hackers is taking over the social media accounts of big personalities in the wake of the leak of hundreds of millions of LinkedIn passwords.