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Highly Confidential Psychotherapy Records From Behavioral Health Center in Bangor, Maine Listed on Dark Web
In what may be the worst breach of 2017 so far in terms of highly sensitive and confidential patient records, a behavioral and mental health center in Maine recently learned that its patients’ records – including evaluations, session notes, and records of sex offenders and sex abuse victims – had not only been in the hands of one criminal, but had reportedly been sold to an unknown party for unknown purposes.
Russian Hacker Behind Kelihos Botnet Indicted in U.S.
Russian hacker Peter Levashov was indicted on eight counts of fraud, conspiracy, and identity theft. Levashov, who was arrested in Spain early this month, is believed to be Severa, the hacker behind the Kelihos botnet, one of the largest spam operations in the world. The indictment comes from a federal grand jury in Connecticut, which came together on Friday in order to lay out all accusations the US has against Levashov.
The Backstory Behind Carder Kingpin Seleznev’s Record 27 Year Prison Sentence
Roman Seleznev, a 32-year-old Russian cybercriminal and prolific credit card thief, was sentenced Friday to 27 years in federal prison. That is a record punishment for hacking violations in the United States and by all accounts one designed to send a message to criminal hackers everywhere. But a close review of the case suggests that Seleznev’s record sentence was severe in large part because the evidence against him was substantial and yet he declined to cooperate with prosecutors prior to his trial.
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AZ Man Struggles With IRS for Decade to Try and Fix Case of Identity Theft
Monday, April 24, 2017
Tony Chilicas and his fiancé, Holly, are getting married in July. But their walk down the aisle will only be symbolic. Chilicas refused to make it legally official. “I don’t want her taking my last name until this is done,” he said. It’s because of another man: Jorge Campos Ramirez. But this isn’t some messy love triangle. It’s an unbelievable case of identity theft that’s messed with Chilicas’ life for a decade.
6 Factors Impacting Identity Theft Risks
Monday, April 24, 2017
The threats posed by cyber attacks and identity theft continue to grow as cyber criminals always seem to be on offense while consumers and insurers are on defense.
Indian Police Allege IRS, FBI, Other Law Enforcement Not Interested in Phone Scam Arrests
Monday, April 24, 2017
Taxpayers across the country breathed a sigh of relief after the arrest of Sagar Thakkar, a 24-year-old Indian man accused of running those Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone scams. Indian police arrested Thakkar earlier this month, claiming he was the mastermind behind the scam where callers posed as IRS agents to collect bogus tax debts. According to the local police, the lack of response from American law enforcement authorities familiar with the investigation has been deafening.
Fake Delta Airline Receipts Spread Financial Malware
Monday, April 24, 2017
The phishing email is specifically constructed to make you curious. There is no information about the flight included, which is something that such emails normally contain, but there is a link that you are urged to follow. On the other hand, if you pay attention to the email you've received, you'll notice that the email address is wrong, as it comes from @deltaa, instead of Similarly, if you're a frequent Delta flyer, you'll know the legitimate emails from the airline look a bit different.
Is Identity Theft Protection Worth It?
Monday, April 24, 2017
Many turn to identity theft service providers. It's a market worth $3 billion, according to the research firm IBISWorld. According to the Government Accountability Office, about 50 to 60 companies provide these services. But do they work? That was the question posed in a recent GAO study. Its report described four types of identity theft services -- credit monitoring, identity monitoring, identity restoration and identity theft insurance.