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Equifax Messed up and We Have to Clean up the Mess
The trials and tribulations of those unfortunate enough to find incorrect information on a credit report are all too well known to many of us. Horror stories abound of people victimized by identity theft — or simply confused with someone possessing a similar name or Social Security number — who must then undertake the Sisyphean task of attempting to purge their credit reports of inaccuracies. The consequences of these mistakes are dire. People can lose jobs over bad credit. They aren’t offered mortgages. If they seek to borrow money, they need to pay much higher interest rates than they otherwise would. And so on. Why does this situation persist?
Equifax Breach Could Wreak Havoc on Mortgage Borrowers
“Bar none, this is the worst data breach we’ve ever had,” identity theft expert Rob Douglas told “This is the one everyone worried about...It’s not a breach where they just got a Social Security number or another breach where they just got a credit card number,” Douglas told “Here, they got the whole enchilada. This is now a danger for a lifetime.”
Equifax Suffered Another Data Breach in March
Equifax suffered another major breach before the massive data breach disclosed earlier this month, the company confirmed Monday, revealing yet again the vulnerability of the credit agency's computer systems.
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A Credit Freeze Won't Help With All Equifax Breach Threats
With the information that hackers got, including access to Social Security numbers, birth dates, and an unspecified number of driver’s license numbers, you need to take other steps to help lock down your finances.
7 Takeaways From the Equifax Data Breach
The exposure of PII belonging to 143 million US consumers raises questions about the continued use of SSNs as identifiers, breach liability and app sec spending.
Identity Theft Suspect With Hundreds of Alleged Victims Is Ordered to Stand Trial
According to Riverside police Lt. Christian Dinco, investigators believe Conney perpetrated mail thefts throughout the Mission Grove and Orangecrest areas of the city, as well as other neighborhoods, over a six-month span. Nearly 1,000 people were targeted, Dinco said.
College Students Vulnerable to ID Theft
Between homework and exams, identity theft may be the last thing on college students' minds. But cyber-thieves are a growing threat on campuses, especially since so many students use plastic instead of cash.
Beware of Hurricane Harvey Relief Scams
U.S. federal agencies are warning citizens anxious to donate money for those victimized by Hurricane Harvey to be especially wary of scam artists. In years past we’ve seen shameless fraudsters stand up fake charities and other bogus relief efforts in a bid to capitalize on public concern over an ongoing disaster. Here are some tips to help ensure sure your aid dollars go directly to those most in need.