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This video is about online email Phishing. It demonstrates some examples of actual Phishing email's and how you can detect a Phishing email. Phishing is a very common method crooks use to steal your personal information. Once they obtain your information (usernames, passwords, SSN, credit card numbers, etc...) they can use it for a variety of criminal purposes including but not limited to stealing from you or pretending to be you (to commit crimes or obtain medical services).

If you discover you are an Identity Theft victim - First steps

This video is about what you do once you discover you are an identity theft victim. It outlines the first five steps you should take immediately.


Credit Card Skimming

This video is about credit card skimming. It demonstrates the equipment crooks use to steal your credit card information and how they use your credit card numbers.


Opting Out to reduce junk mail, unsolicited credit card offers and phone solicitations

This video is about opting out. It demonstrates how to opt out of several databases including: junk postal mail, telemarketing phone solicitations, and unsolicited credit card offers. Opting out not only reduces the phone calls and junk mail, it reduces your risk of identity theft.


Credit Freeze

This video demonstrates how to implement a credit freeze (a.k.a., security freeze) at the three major credit bureaus.


Credit Report

This video demonstrates how to obtain your free credit report from the three major credit bureaus. It is important to look at your credit reports to ensure that there are no signs of identity theft (such as credit cards opened in your name you are not aware of). Be aware that not all offers for "free credit reports" are free. Many offers require that you sign up for additional services to obtain your "free" credit report and then require you to cancel those additional services in order not to be billed.


Criminal Identity Theft

This video is about criminal identity theft. Criminals may give the police your name when they are arrested for a crime. After the criminal is released and then does not show up for their court hearing, you are left with an arrest warrant in your name. The video demonstrates the seriousness of criminal identity theft.


Medical Fraud

This video is about Medical identity theft. Medical identity theft can not only cost you thousands of dollars for medical treatment you did not receive, it can cost you or one of your loved ones their life. The video demonstrates the seriousness of medical identity theft.