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Report a phishing email

Millions of phishing emails are sent out daily in an attempt to lure unsuspecting recipients into divulging usernames, passwords and other personal information.

You can report a phishing email by following the below instructions and do your part to help combat criminal activity.

The anti phishing working group maintains a list of phishing scam e-mails and websites to help people identify and avoid being scammed in the future.

The anti phishing working group will review the message and any websites to which it links, and post it to the Phishing Archive on the anti phishing working group website.

Instructions for Submitting Phishing Email assuming you use Outlook or Netscape:
    1. Create a new mail to
    2. Drag and drop the phishing email from your inbox onto this new email message (In Netscape drop it on the 'attachment' area)
    3. Do not use "forward" if you can help it, as this approach loses information and requires more manual processing. The exception is when you use the Web interface to outlook: in that case forward is the only solution.

It is that easy and each phishing email you report (combined with the reports from others) helps stop this insidious threat to e-commerce.

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