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Identity theft and scam expert Rob Douglas is available for comment about identity theft, credit card fraud, scams, information security, pretext phone calls, social engineering, and privacy. Rob was profiled in the book Your Evil Twin by consumer advocate Bob Sullivan and received special thanks for his assistance to the author in the book No Place to Hide by Washington Post investigative reporter Robert O’Harrow, Jr. 

To contact Rob please email or, if you’re on deadline, please call 970-871-0600. 

Media organizations citing Rob Douglas and include:

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Why the Equifax Breach Might Make It Harder to Buy a Home—and What You Can Do
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How Identity Theft Affects Your Credit Score
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Safe Online Shopping: 4 Simple Tips to Teach You How to Shop Online Safely
1/5/17 - Citigroup
U.S. Courts: Electronic Surveillance up 500 Percent in D.C.-Area Since 2011, Almost All Sealed Cases
10/24/16 - WMAL Radio - {Radio interview about linked Washington Post story}
Wichitans Wonder Whether They Were Targets of Identity Theft Ring
6/12/16 - The Wichita Eagle
Why You Should Never Email a Social Security Number
5/23/16 - Time Magazine
Runners Wear Shoes and Boxers Wear Gloves
5/10/16 -
Identity Theft Strikes Hillsdale College
4/21/16 - The Hillsdale Collegian
What to Do When You Spot a Fraudulent Charge
4/14/16 -
Millennials Most Likely to Fall Prey to Scams
3/21/16 -
Don’t Leave Your ATM Receipt Behind
3/3/16 - The Hillsdale Collegian
"Help! I'm Afraid of Being Scammed!"
2/18/16 - Woman's World Magazine
Watch Out For Medical Record Theft in 2016!
1/13/16 - The Identity Theft Warriors
What to Do If You Get a Fake Gift Card
1/8/16 - The Cheat Sheet
Tax Refund Fraud on the Rise in Maryland
12/19/15 - Annapolis Patch
Refund Fraud On the Rise: More Marylanders Becoming Victims of Tax-ID Theft
12/17/15 - Capital News Service
Juror Privacy Concerns Prompt Mistrial in Broward Murder Case
12/11/15 - Sun Sentinel
Chip & PAIN? Some Cardholders Frustrated With Slow Transition
11/2/15 -
‘Fishing’ for Bank Info Leads to Fake Checks, Credit Cards
10/23/15 - Albuquerque Journal
New Chip Card Arrived? How to Safely Dispose of Your Old Card
10/20/15 -
Cuomo Takes Stand Against Fake IDs
9/1/15 - The Daily Orange
A Major Security Flaw Has Led to Me Getting Mistakenly Emailed Tons of Other People's Private Information and Social Security Numbers
4/21/15 - Business Insider
Why You Should File a Police Report for Card Fraud
3/12/15 -
TurboTax Resumes Service After Security Scare
2/9/15 -
Low-tech Identity Theft Protection: Keep Your Paper-Based Financial Information Safe
1/27/15 - Bankrate
Executive Order Mandates Multi-factor Authentication for U.S. Government Websites
10/21/14 - Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Inside the Secret Life of Ronald Stan: Lust, Lies and A New Identity
9/14/14 - Toronto Star
Unsavory Private-Eye ‘Pretexting’ a Flash Point in $102 Million San Bernardino Corruption Case
3/28/14 - San Bernardino County Sun
Credit Card Safety at 30,000 Feet
11/20/12 - The Washington Post
Social Security: Guarding Your Identity in Online Networks
8/26/09 - TechNewsWorld (bylined article)
Between Journalists and Ill-Gotten Information, a Shield of Distance
7/12/09 - The New York Times
Number Crunchers Crack Social Security Code
7/7/09 - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
The Red Flags Rule
7/1/09 - ADVANCE For Health Information Professionals
Protect Data During Layoffs
July 2009 - HR Magazine
Boom Time for Cybercrime
June 2009 - Consumer Reports Magazine
Do Clouds Mean a Stormy Future?
5/28/09 - Computer Technology Review (bylined cover story)
Pinning Down Enterprise Data Security in the Cloud
5/18/09 - E-Commerce Times (bylined article)
Public Ransom Demand Distinguishes Va. Breach in a Data-at-Risk World
5/9/09 - E-Commerce Times
Law Firm Clients' Files, Filled with Personal Data, Dumped on Street Spark State A.G. Probe
5/9/09 - New York Daily News
Hacking of Prescription Database May Lead to Headaches
5/8/09 - The Virginian-Pilot
Law Firm Clients' Files Filled with Personal Data Left in Six Dumpsters on Street, ID Thief's Gold
5/8/09 - New York Daily News
Law Firm's Client Files Found in Trash
5/8/09 - United Press International
LexisNexis Security Breach Probed
5/7/09 - Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants
Safe Internet Alliance Partners with
5/7/09 - Safe Internet Alliance
Risks Bedevil New Technologies
5/1/09 - Federal Computer Week
Sighting in Swatting
May 2009 - Law Enforcement Technology
Montel Across America
4/16/09 - Air America
Stolen Laptop Brings Identity Theft Risk
2/27/09 - The Steamboat Pilot & Today
Consumer Beware: Getting Credit Scores Online Not Always Free, Safe
2/2/09 - Rocky Mountain News
Top Tech News: Fighting Identity Theft on the Web
1/28/09 - NewsFactor Network Best Blogs
Fighting Identity Theft on the Web
1/26/09 - Rocky Mountain News
Credit Card Company Reveals Security Breach
1/21/09 - Rocky Mountain News
Federal Indictment Proves Anyone Can Rob a Bank by Phone
12/10/08 - Chronicles of Dissent
Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft During the Holidays
12/7/08 - The Rick Bloom Show
It's Your Identity Defend It - If Not Yours - Your Children
12/2/08 - CyberHood Watch Radio
Web Leak Entangles 7K Records
10/26/08 - McComb Enterprise-Journal
10 Things Your Private Eye Won't Tell You
9/14/08 - Smart Money Magazine
Was Palin's SSN Published on Web?
9/5/08 - The Red Tape Chronicles - MSNBC
The Many Facets of Identity Theft
5/27/08 -
The Darker Side of Webmail
4/28/08 - Computerworld
Was Your LendingTree File Hacked?
4/22/08 - The Red Tape Chronicles - MSNBC
Holes Grow in Net Safety
3/17/08 - Rocky Mountain News
Small Towns Bring Large Risks
2/24/08 - Steamboat Pilot & Today
Confessions of a Caller-ID Spoofer
2/14/08 - Network World
Caller ID Spoofing Burns Fire Equipment Company
1/24/08 - Network World
Why Phone Record Thieves Laugh at the Law
12/18/07 - Network World
Private Eyes Indicted in ID Theft Case
12/7/07 - Seattle Times
Private Eyes Indicted in Massive Identity Theft Scheme
12/7/07 - Wired
'Father of ID Theft' Turns Over a New Leaf
12/7/07 - The Red Tape Chronicles - MSNBC
Safety First, Even Online
10/1/07 - Rocky Mountain News
Credit Card Theft: An "Inside Job"
5/14/07 -
Law Protects Phone Records
12/12/06 - Rocky Mountain News
Why Has Congress Failed Amy?
10/16/06 - Rob Douglas - MSNBC
Ousted H-P Boss Charged
10/5/06 - Rocky Mountain News
Area Data Broker Invokes the Fifth
9/29/06 - Rocky Mountain News
H-P Scandal Reaches State
9/28/06 - Rocky Mountain News
Corporate Spying, Pretexting, and Beyond
9/21/06 - The Diane Rehm Show
HP Scandal Shines Light on a Simple, Treacherous Act
9/19/06 - The Washington Post
Snooping Phone Records Is Widely Done
9/13/06 - The Associated Press
Mining of Records 'Fairly Common'
9/8/06 - Rocky Mountain News
Stealing Phone Records Has Long History
9/7/06 - MarketWatch
AT&T Sues, Alleging Fraudulent Access to Customer Accounts
8/24/06 - The Washington Post
AT&T Sues Brokers Over Customer Data
8/23/06 - The Associated Press
Welker Called to Testify On Phone Files
6/21/06 - Rocky Mountain News
First Data Tied to Post-9/11 Terror Sweep
6/21/06 - Rocky Mountain News
Who's Buying Cell Phone Records Online? Cops
6/20/06 - NBC News
Sullivan, Bob - File Under Thriller
5/2/06 - Wired
State a Data Broker Hub
4/24/06 - Rocky Mountain News
The Spy in Your Pocket
3/19/06 - Time Magazine
Technology Facilitates Caller ID Spoofing
3/1/06 - The Associated Press
How Phone Records Are Stolen
1/23/06 - Network World
Are Your Cell Phone Records for Sale Online?
8/30/05 - ABC News
Grand Theft Identity
7/4/05 - Newsweek
Identity Theft
4/20/05 - The Diane Rehm Show
Identity Theft Caper
10/20/04 - Newsweek
Survey: 2 Million Bank Accounts Robbed
6/14/04 - MSNBC
9/11 Report Light On ID Theft Issues
8/4/04 - MSNBC
The Darkest Side of ID Theft
3/9/03 - MSNBC

Rob Douglas identity theft expert

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